Crime Scene Cleanup, Biohazard Clean-Up, And Trauma Scene Cleaning Services
911 Bio Cleaning provides specialty cleaning and recovery services for individuals involved in horrific and tragic  situations. 911 Bio Cleaning operates throughout the state of Texas, including the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Waco  areas and Southern Oklahoma. The team at 911 Bio Cleaning are a group of highly trained cleaning and  decontamination technicians with cleaning, restoration and construction experience. 911 Bio Cleaning provides the  highest quality service to all of its customers. This type of work is not for everyone and 911 Bio Cleaning only hires  the best possible people. You can trust 911 Bio Cleaning to completely recover any scene or situation you may  unfortunately be faced with. 
Helping Victims of Crime & Tragedy
Blood, bio-hazardous and infectious waste cleanup services including body fluids and odor removal, disinfecting and vehicle clean-up
24 Hour Hotline  214-884-9883
Serving North Texas, Central Texas and Southern Oklahoma  
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